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Tasco Makine, founded in 2017 with more than 60 years of experience behind it, is the new and leading force in railway work and maintenance machines and on-board equipment industry.

We have a wide range of products with all quality certificates; catenary maintenance tool, wire lath, pantograph measurement systems, rail guide systems, line maintenance tools and equipments, sales and after sales service. Tunnel locomotives and tunnel maintenance wagons used in different railway openings are included in our special design and production activity area for different business machines such as truck, tractor, mixer, excavator, modification according to desired ambient conditions.

Innovative and visionary work of our project team, which is located in our world, provides our company with significant competitive advantage. Our company has the capability of designing and producing equipment with different brand and type of tool quickly thanks to its wide design portfolio in the sector where every order requires a new design. flexible production capability, quick response and prompt after sales service.

Since our establishment, our company has contributed significantly to the economy and employment of the country by delivering more than 100 projects in the domestic market in a short period of time and it proudly represents our country abroad with the exports starting from January of 2018.

Based on quality and customer satisfaction in all its processes, TASCO Makine is making a difference in the sector with its after-sales services as a company that works with the understanding of doing business without sacrificing quality.

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